with my husband, Quinn

Hi, thanks for stopping by! I’m Summer, a home baker from Northwest Arkansas

Being self taught myself, I believe anyone can make beautiful desserts that taste delicious. It’s fascinating to me to watch how simple ingredients can transform into countless different desserts or pastries- just with the right method. And I love how sharing these desserts with friends and family draws us closer and makes any occasion that much more special.

My story: I’ve had a passion for baking since I was a kid- I would enter pies in the state fair, I attempted my first 3 tier wedding cake at age 13, and then as a teenager I made macarons every week in the summer to sell at the farmers market.

I’ve spent the last few years making wedding cakes, but when the pandemic hit and impacted this industry, I was able to revisit my love for making smaller cakes and baking up all types of desserts. I’ve been working on recipe developing and food photography, so this blog is here to document that.

Enjoy, and happy baking!